The Book

Sam Agonistes wants to do the right thing. And do right by people. Always has and always will.
After all, his nickname isn’t Samson for nothing. Give him half a chance and he’ll always do right. Even by strangers.
Just not as it happens, when that stranger’s Petunia Biggars. There’s something about Petunia that throws him. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s the unnamed, unknown evil that she claims drove her to Sam’s door. Or maybe it’s that he just can’t shake off the heat coma she’s woken him from. Doesn’t matter. He blows it.
And just like that Sam, your average Angeleno ex-grip wannabe screenwriter, is in over his head, under surveillance by the Feds, sheltering a fugitive from the deep state and butting heads with one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.
Will he survive? Will he take his family down with him? Will he save Petunia?
And most important of all, will he find a way to do the right thing?